Day III Productions was established by Douglas King in 2000 as the production company for the many film, television, publishing, and entertainment projects he is developing. The company has produced a collection of short films, a music video, two series with direct digital distribution as well as published two books.
We actively develop a slate of film, television and publishing projects, exploring the digital media platform for distribution.
Doug Headshot correctedDouglas King began writing professionally 25 years ago, starting as a columnist for a small town newspaper. He has had hundreds of articles published in internationally distributed publications as varied as Computer Graphics World, FunWorld, Iris Universe, Charisma, Ministry Today, Video Systems, Replay, Digital Magic, and many more. In 2004, King launched as publisher and editor in chief the design and lifestyle publication Hawaiian Style, which had a distribution of 50,000 copies in 16 countries. The magazine closed in 2009 due to the economic crash.
Over his career, King has worked in a variety of disciplines within the entertainment industry. Having studied screenwriting and directing in courses at the American Film Institute, King optioned two television scripts to TriStar Television and was hired by various independent studios and producers to write screenplays. His spec feature scripts have been finalist in the Kairos Prize screenplay competition and the Big Star Screenplay Competition, two years in a row.
In addition to film work, King has been hired by Sony Entertainment, Laser Storm, Minotaur Amusements, Celebrity Cruise Lines, and others to design and develop themed entertainment attractions with a focus on interactivity and virtual reality. He was one of the lead designers for the Dream Park project, a fully interactive theme park based on the Larry Niven and Steven Barnes novel of the same name. King was also hired by Paradigm Entertainment as a Creative Director for Nintendo 64 game development.
More recently, he is the publisher of the blog www.LoglinesRUs.wordpress.com and the Twitter account @LoglinesRUs where he writes an original logline every weekday. A collection of the best loglines, along with an instructional chapter on how to write loglines, was published in the book “Loglines, The Long and Short of Writing Strong Loglines,” available on Amazon.
King continues to write and direct, having recently completed directing five episodes of the comedy series LOADED, produced by Laughing Dragon Entertainment, and distributed on the Funny or Die website.