The latest short film written and directed by Douglas King is titled “A Second One Night Stand” and deals with issues of equality and sexuality.

2015 welcomed The Baked Bros. a new comedy series that has gone to pot. Focusing on two brothers who are searching for the perfect high, this absurd comedy is a combination of Abbott and Costello, Cheech and Chong, and the cult comic, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The Baked Bros, is a high comedy for the legally stoned aged.

In 2009 Day III produced the direct to DVD film Archko Confessions (available on Amazon), based on the public domain material publisdvd_wrap_template.pdfhed in “The Archko Volume.”  

While developing feature film projects Day III has been exploring the digital distribution platform with series including the reality show Trailer Shots and the sketch comedy series, For Export Only  (seen on both YouTube).

In 2013, Scubbed, a short film inspired by the spec feature screenplay Encrypted (still in the works) was produced and released on Vimeo.

At the same time, we were commissioned by up-and-coming singer/songwriter Sydney Anderson, to shoot a music video for her single “Not Now.”

Douglas King has also been involved with the comedy web series LOADED, and its meta-promotional series UNLOADED, both produced by Laughing Dragon Entertainment LLC. King was hired as director and editor of both series.