Day III is actively involved in publishing using print-on-demand services as well as traditional publishing methods. Multiple titles are in development, some of which are companion products being developed in conjunction with video and television programs.
Our current products include:

Loglines front cover

Loglines: The Long and Short on Writing Strong Loglines

Authored by Douglas King 

Publication Date: Aug 29 2014

ISBN/EAN13: 069228401X / 9780692284018

Page Count: 178

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6″ x 9″

“Loglines: The Long and Short on Writing Strong Loglines” provides writers with detailed information about the importance of loglines for feature films and how to write them. Over 250 examples of classic and original loglines are provided for writers to study, be inspired by, and even use to develop into script.




The Snugledorfs: Smile, God Loves You!

Kindle Edition

Authored by Douglas King Illustration by Rodney Matthews


Welcome to the land of Ompadoodle, home of the Snugeldorfs and other fantastic creatures. When we first meet the Snugeldorfs, we find that gloom and sadness has gripped their land so strongly that they believe discontent is with them to stay. But, one sunny day, a traveler from far away brings with him the news that will bring them unexpected joy.
The uplifting message is illustrated with full color paintings by fantasy artist Rodney Matthews. Appropriate for ages 4 – 9. Author Douglas King, has written a wonderful faith-base tale in rhyming verse, similar to Dr. Seuss classics.