Spec Screenplays


Douglas King has completed nearly a dozen feature length screenplays. Many have been entered into screenwriting competitions where they reached the quarter-finals, making them the top 10% in those competitions.
These scripts are available upon request on the Contact page.


This is Libby

This is Libby

After her thirtieth birthday, a reclusive artist reluctantly agrees to leave her comfortable daydream existence and venture into the real world of human interaction by going out on seven dates.



The Magical Mind of Mr. Montgomery

Still reeling from a family trauma, a boy enters a fantasy world of imagination and mystery accompanied by his two friends and a strange new neighbor, where they must discover the power of dreams and hope before all worlds, both real and imagined, are destroyed.

A quarter finalist in the 2014 Final Draft, Inc. Big Break Screenwriting Contest and the 2014 Big Star Screenwriting Competition.

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Vegas copy

Vodka, a Vixen, and Vengeance in Vegas

When seven half brothers meet for the first time in Las Vegas upon learning of their con-artist father’s death, they reluctantly have to partner with Russian mobsters in a con to avenge their father’s murder by a powerful and ruthless casino owner.




When a radio shock-jock learns his decision to choose his career over treatment for throat cancer results in a fatal diagnosis, he stages an on-air marathon where he faces his mortality while trying to forestall the worse event for a radio host, dead air.


Esther one sheetEsther

During the rule of King Ahasuerus, when Jews are persecuted, a young girl is placed in life or death peril when she must hide her true nationality from the king who chooses her as his new wife.

A finalist in the 2010 Kairos Prize contest and quarter finalist the 2013 Big Star Screenwriting Competition.


The Longest Subway Ride

When Murphy’s Law goes into full effect the day of David Swanson’s biggest job interview, he must overcome multiple challenges in the New York subway system including mistaken identity with one of New York’s most wanted criminals or risk losing his girlfriend and dream job.



Nine rooms, nine individual stories that focus on family, relationships, love, loss and life taking place in one hotel over the course of a week.

Top Five

After being crowned at local scholarship pageants, two young women, become friends as they vie for the state title and must help each other overcome personal issues if either stands a chance of winning the crown.

Holiday Party

During the course of one night, a company Christmas party brings to the fore all the love, lust,  frustration, and friendships, where affairs occur, fights break out, mayhem ensues, but bonds are made and ultimately the company comes together like a family.

All screenplays have been registered with the WGAw and the US Copyright office.