Television Show Bibles

The following concepts were written for television and/or the digital distribution platform.
All material is registered with the WGAw and the US Copyright office.
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Baked Bros logo2

The Baked Bros is a modern comedy series gone to pot. Featuring two stoned brothers who are searching for the mythological Golden Bud. Trailer and Pilot episode



Neverlands logoNeverlands

With the Neverlands dying because children no longer use their imaginations and the Mainland (the real world) under attack by Captain Hook, Peter Pan must take up the fight with help from the grandchildren of Wendy and the Lost Boys, to defeat Hook before Neverland dies and Mainland is destroyed.


drink slinger_Sparkly


One part reality show
One part talk show
One part sketch comedy
One part sitcom
Shaken and edited into a 30 minute program for basic cable or digital outlets
Garnish with hot hostess



Solcialize Logo


Sharing the nightlife with thousands of his social networks friends, what could be more personnel?



30 Days of …

 30 Days of… is a travel series following two friends as they attempt to explore a particular world-famous brand within an allotted amount of time, thus creating dramatic tension and obstacles through-out each season. Every season focuses on a new subject that the pair must circumnavigate the globe to visit, explore and experience within the barest minimum of time.